Cross-platform Mobile development

The development of a cross-platform mobile app is a perfect solution for companies that face budget or time constraints. This approach guarantees you the shortest time-to-market with the final product being simultaneously released on all major platforms, mainly Android and iOS.

My experience

Masterclass video platform by stars
On this project, I am the only one to endorse all the technical part, I helped this company from the blank page to nearly 500k € / month of turnover so far, working remotely.
ReactJSTypescriptNext.jsGatsbyNode JSFirebaseAWSGitlab CI
Urban transport in the metropolis of Nantes
Mobile application for planning journeys (from the fastest to the one with the fewest connections) by public transport in the metropolis of Nantes: Map, Itineraries, timetables, dematerialized tickets (mTickets).
React NativeGoogle Maps
Company Savings Services
Audit / Analysis of the existing mobile application, developed in Ionic / Cordova, identification of weak points, and recommendation of frameworks / tools for its redesign.
International biotechnology company
Development of an application allowing the detection of certain neurodegenerative diseases through exercises using the touch screen and the bluetooth connection.
React NativeBluetooth LE
Diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease
Development of web platforms (one for patients, one for laboratories) for test management and consultation of results.
ReactJSNode JSGitlab CI
Group of private clinics and hospitals
Development of the mobile application allowing patients to pre-register and manage their stay preferences, as well as ensure their post-stay follow-up.
ReactJSNode JSJenkins
Stock exchange Internal portal
Development of the Crédit Agricole Titres internal portal, making it possible to keep internal players informed of developments relating to savings and investment solutions.
Smarteo mobile app
On this huge project, I participated for 1 year in the functional design of the mobile application allowing counter clerks to meet customers, and to be able to perform all the day-to-day operations of a post office counter from a smartphone.
Company Savings Services
Développement de l'application S2E permettant aux salariés de gérer leur épargne salariale, et d'effectuer toutes les opérations courantes allant du versement à la restitution de fonds, en passant par l'arbitrage entre les différents supports disponibles.